Put simply, the purpose of this blog is to open up the black box of being a clinician academic. This blog is for: anyone just generally curious, anyone thinking about becoming a clinician academic, and anyone already a clinician academic looking to join me in a vicarious laugh at our, at times, absurd lives.

I’ve created this blog after months and months of ruminating. My hope is that the blog will be informative while also likely to feel borderline fictional (some things I experience feel too unbelievable to be true even while I am living through them…!). I do hope the blog will be funny – but I also anticipate it will at times be tragicomic, and sometimes even sad.

There are certain things this blog will not be. This will not be about facts – instead this will be about perceptions and lived experiences. This will not be about self-pity – but there may well be heavy doses of sarcasm. This will not be about advancing an agenda or a career – but this will certainly be about having a bit of ‘craic’.

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