Grant-writing submission

This post is an update on the grant writing frenzy – I feel I owe this to all those who read that post and became completely traumatised….

It looks like I will live through this bid round all the way through to the submission deadline. If you think this is good news then it means you are not in the long queue of people waiting for their turn to kill me post-submission. The number of favours I have had to ask to whip this bid in shape…. the world really does go around on good will. I was literally on my knees last week, in front of a colleague in finance. Not because she made me but because I felt so bad for having asked her to do so many things for me over the past few weeks.

Anyway. There is not much more to say than “It’s coming along nicely now – most sections have been proof read and I think I will make it.” [For those who wonder how many versions it takes, I’ve just counted and I believe I’m somewhere between v36 and v42.]

So… Yes. This is really the hight of it. There is no big fanfare, no party. Just a quiet sense of satisfaction, and a slight anxiety about what will happen next. Of course I could have a party – but it just never quite feels the thing to do. The adrenaline and stress are too high. The perverse academic way of celebrating a grant submission is to look up the next grant deadline (yes, I’ve already done that – even created a submission form….).

Oh yes, and I’ve booked a hair cut. =)

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